Strategic Thinking and Planning

Training program Objectives:

  • Identify the Major Environmental Changes Occurring and Determine How these will Affect your Organization.
  • Develop and Execute Strategic Plans that SUCCEED. Plans that are detailed enough with the BIG picture (vision) at the center.
  • Integrate Planning Efforts among Various Department Management Levels & Business Units.
  • Establish a Performance Scorecard to Measure Success.
  • Develop Core Strategies which provide the Glue and Focus for Execution Up and Down, and Across the Organization.
  • Increase Teamwork and Mutual Understanding among Your Team Members and Stakeholders.

Training program Contents:

  • Strategic Management and Strategic Thinking Analysis of the Current Business Environment.
  • The Power of Planning & Looking ALMED.
  • Goals, Objectives and Creative Strategies.
  • Developing ―"THE PLAN".
  • Measuring the Progress/Tracking.

Training program Duration :

4 Days