Change Management Training Program

Training program Objectives:

  • Understanding the principles of change management & the Methods of planning for change.
  • Learning how to use of Gantt charts, network planning as tools for planning change.
  • Identification of human and financial factors in the consideration of change.
  • Understanding the importance of communication and involving people to facilitate effective change.
  • Identifying the barriers to change and other difficulties in implementing change.
  • Finding means of overcoming barriers and difficulties including unfreezing and freezing techniques.
  • Figuring out ways to organize and co-ordinate resources and activities to achieve planned change.
  • Following the right methods to monitor and control progress of change against plan, including use of Gantt charts, network planning.
  • Learning how to do a simple PESTLE analysis & Organizational SWOT analysis.
  • Understanding change fatigue and its adverse effects.
  • Understanding the direct and indirect aspects of change human and financial effects upon other people, departments and organizations.
  • Estimating the costs associated with change increases or savings.
  • Estimating the non financial costs and benefits of change (social, environmental….etc).

Training program Contents:

  • Introduction to Change.
  • What is Cultural Change?
  • Preparing for Change.
  • Stages of Change.
  • Vision.
  • Change Management Plan.
  • Overcoming Resistance to change.
  • Initiating and Sustaining Change.

Training program Duration :

2 Days